There are many ways to contribute to Subutai Crowd Cloud, many ways to join the Horde [1]!

Start Using Subutai

In minutes, peers can be fired up using *Subutai Vagrant Boxes*. Once up, register them with the Bazaar, and start installing applications on them. There are several open source applications to choose from. You can instantly host them on your own Peer and access them from anywhere. This alone will feel empowering.
If you need more computing power or want to earn more GoodWill, start sharing and renting resources to others. Tell your friends and have them share resources with you. You can run applications across each others’ peers and even make them redundant and fault tolerant.

Give Feedback

Give us feedback! We want to know how we can improve the user experience for everyone. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. Plus we want to light up that globe. With peers all around the world, the power of the P2P community increases and the Subutai Horde grows. You can find us in *Slack*.

Help Design the P2P Cloud Sharing Economy

This is always a work in progress. We're trying to build an economy around GoodWill, a digital asset generated by good deeds, and by providing resources to others. It's consumed by negative actions that threaten the collective experience or by consuming from others which is not necessarily negative, but a natural consequence.
We're trying to model something intangible in a concrete way when it comes to collaborative consumption in the cloud crowd. Eventually GoodWill itself will be exchanged for cryptocurrencies as a Smart Token. We want to make sure we get this right, and keep improving it going forward. That happens with the community, not in a vacuum.
The design of the economy is something we're adamant about making community driven. We've started with the basic Service Level Agreements (SLAs), however we know people will find all kinds of exceptions and scenarios we never thought of before. This is a new world, and we're excited by what we're going to find. We want to do this together in the Horde.

Earn GoodWill and Prosper

There are many ways to earn GoodWill in the P2P cloud economy: signing up to the Bazaar, registering your own Peers, contributing Blueprints, helping other users find their way. Join the Horde and your engagement will pay.

Create Blueprints

One-click cloud application installation is critical. We want people from all walks of life to be able to launch an application in their own cloud, with the same ease in which they install an iPhone application from the AppStore. We believe that bridging this gap between non-technical users and open source products is crucial for the success of open source in the cloud era. Subutai Blueprints were designed to make open source cloud applications easy to install and use for mass consumption.

The more open source applications available to users at the press of a button, the more choices, and the greater the productivity experienced by the crowd cloud. More applications just increases the things we can do together.

Free Infrastructure for Open Source Projects

We welcome projects on GitHub to register for the *Open Source contribution program* and make use of available infrastructure for FLOSS projects.

Getting Involved

Subutai has a blueprint feature for standing up complicated application stacks over several containers. It’s a simple JSON based templating format. Use blueprints to fire up application stacks within environments, and/or build environments using your favorite devops tools for automation. Subutai blueprints support Ansible and other tools out of the box. Contributors who create blueprints that are made freely available on the Subutai Bazaar may qualify for GoodWill promotions. *Get started today*!

Also: we need developers! We need Ethereum blockchain and Solidity savvy engineers, P2P researchers to help us experiment and optimize DHT and Gossip protocols. We need C/C++, Java, Javascript, Golang programmers. If you want to get involved as a developer first *give Subutai a try* as a user. Then take a look at our list of *GitHub projects*. Come onto our *Slack channel* and let us know if you need help diving in. We’re here and waiting for you! Register on the *Subutai Bazaar*, and we’ll give you some goodwill to trade cloud resources with others on the system. Happy sharing!

[1]In a single word, Horde, describes the Subutai Cloud Crowd. Subutai allows crowds to collectively and dynamically pool resources to conquer computing challenges they never could alone on their own.