What Is The PeerOS

Subutai’s *PeerOs* is a multi-platform open source software bundle that enables users to share, barter or sell computing resources on the *Subutai Platform*. It is the building block of Subutai’s P2P cloud services. The software is free and open source. Anyone can install and run the Subutai PeerOS. Its source code is *available on GitHub*.

What can I accomplish with PeerOS?

  • Create containerized, encrypted p2p cloud Environments
  • Create and share templates
  • Offer to share or sell resources on the > *Bazaar*.


  • Agent
  • CDN Cache
  • Subutai Console
  • P2P daemon


The Subutai agent is a daemon that performs low level operations on Resource Hosts.

It communicates with a Management Server, and executes the required commands to

control LXC containers. Find Agent documentation *here*.

CDN - Content Development Network

The Local CDN allows you to store and transfer data. Find Subutai CDN Server documentation *here*.