Run PeerOS With Vagrant

The easiest and quickest way to get a Subutai Peer running on any platform is to use Vagrant with VirtualBox.

Don't use package managers to install this softwares: package manager versions are usually out of date. Download the latest *Vagrant 2.0.1* or higher and *VirtualBox 5.1.0* or higher from their respective websites.

Once Vagrant and VirtualBox are installed, you can init the Vagrantfile by installing the necessary plugins and upping the instance:

1.1 Create a Subutai Peer VM based on Debian 9.x:

~$ vagrant init --minimal subutai/stretch

2. Install the subutai and vbguest vagrant plugins:

~$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-subutai

~$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest

3. Create and start the Subutai Peer VM:

~$ vagrant up

During this process you will be asked for which bridge interface you want to use. The first option provided by Vagrant is usually the right one: the network interface that is actively being used to get on the Internet.

Congratulations! You have a Peer!

After a lot of output you’ll see a message similar to the following (but your console’s IP address will be different) :


default: SUCCESS: Your peer is up. Welcome to the Horde!

default: ----------------------------------------------


default: Next steps ...

default: Make sure Subutai's E2E Extension/Plugin is installed in your browser

default: Search for 'Subutai' in your browser's extension/plugin store to find it and install.


default: Console URL:

default: Default u/p: 'admin' / 'secret'


default: Vagrant ssh and change the default 'subutai'/'ubuntai' user password!

default: If you forget the url, just take a look in .vagrant/generated.yml

After your Peer is created, you will be able to log into its management console. From the output above you can see the IP based URL of your console:

default: Console URL: **

WARNING: Before you log in to the peer console, follow the post-installation directions to install the Browser Extension, P2P client and Control Center. Then you can correctly register your Peer at the Subutai Bazaar.