How To Use The Subutai Console

Subutai Console allows you to manage your own distributed, containerized data clouds. The management modules are installed during the Peer creation. Once you are finished with the Peer installation, you get your Console credentials: peer IP, login and password. In order to access the Console, type the Peer’s IP address and port in your browser’s address bar, then fill login and password fields with the ones shown you at the final step of Peer installation. Then the system will ask you to change your password from default (secret) and confirm it. After this, you can use the Subutai Console to administer your Peer: create Environments and containers, install *plugins* to manage different sorts of applications, and register your Peer on Subutai Bazaar to share, sell or buy computational resources.

Actions you can perform on Subutai Console:

  • Register your Peer on *Subutai Bazaar*
  • Send “heartbeats” (ping) from your peer to Subutai Bazaar, to make > sure it is up and running
  • Monitor your Peers’, Environments’ and Management Containers’ CPU, > Hard Disk, Memory and Net data
  • Create and manage Environments and Containers
  • View who currently has Environments on your Peer
  • Manage user identity options
  • View and track remote Peers
  • Manipulate Resource Host’s parameters
  • See modules operations list and what operations were performed in > certain period of time
  • Install plugins on your Environments
  • In system menu you can easily check your peer’s IP, make updates, > collect logs and view info about your Subutai Console,
  • Use karaf container