Cloud Router And IoT Gateway

As the way we use the Internet evolves, new functions have started emerging in the broadband devices we use for Internet access. Dumb bare bones router/modem devices are no longer suitable for future applications in the Cloud and the Internet of Things. The market is showing the emergence of powerful routers, packed with computational resources for gaming, cloud computing, and security. The Subutai Blockchain Router is a flexible powerhouse designed for Cloud and IoT applications well into the future.

The router was designed to be extremely flexible, as the Swiss Army Knife for IoT and industrial automation. It comes with a plethora of extensions. There’s an Arduino Uno header, a Raspberry Pi hat, and 4 PMod connectors for shields compatible with these hardware development platforms. Tens of thousands of detectors, actuators, communication devices, and peripheral connect buses can be added to the router to interface with just about any system in the physical world. All connectors attach directly to the PL FPGA I/Os with maximum flexibility for designers making it the de facto standard open development and prototyping platform for IoT and industrial automation applications.