Quick Start

Welcome to *Subutai*! You can start using Subutai either by:

  • Registering at the *Subutai > Bazaar*, > our social marketplace for user-administered P2P cloud services, > and start creating environments on other users’ peers;
  • Installing the > *PeerOS* > in one or more computers and start offering your own computational > resources for hire, barter or share.

In either case, you will also need to install the following companion software to ease your life:

Subutai Bazaar

*Subutai Bazaar* is the P2P cloud marketplace and social environment for the *Subutai Platform*.

Subutai PeerOS

Subutai PeerOs is a multi-platform open source software bundle that enables users to share, barter or sell computing resources on Subutai Platform. It is the building block of Subutai’s P2P cloud services. You can install it in your own computer(s) and start offering resources on the Subutai Bazaar.

  • Learn more about Subutai PeerOS: overview
  • Decide what is your preferred way to get the PeerOS up and running:
  • We strongly recommend to use Debian Stretch 9.X to create a peer
    • *Quick > install* - > 5 minutes. Prerequisites: any system using Vagrant, 110G disk.
    • `Advanced admin > installation <https://docs.subutai.io/Products/PeerOS/02_Install_PeerOS.html>`__ - > 20 minutes. Prerequisites: Debian system (preferably fresh > installed), 100G disk.
    • You will need the *P2P > daemon* and > *Subutai Control > Center* > on your Desktop in order to access your Peer. We recommended > you also to install the *E2E browser > plugin* to ease > the management of encryption keys.
  • The basics:
    • How to use the Subutai Console
    • How to update Subutai components
  • *Full > documentation*