User Profile Account Settings

When the user clicks on their name, a pop up menu shows up. In this menu in the right top corner there is a Gear-like button:

After clicking this button, the user can see their account settings:

  1. User name
  2. E-mail, which was used while signing up.
  3. Country of location.
  4. User guides (hints). Here the user can switch off or switch > on hints. Disable it if it annoys you too much ;)
  5. Reset user guides. Here you you can reset all completed user guides > (if you do that,you will see all user guides again).
  6. Change password. You need to know your old password to create a > new one.
  7. PGP fingerprint (Pretty Good Privacy) is a special sort > of encryption. PGP increases the security of communications > between the user’s machine and servers. You can change it if you > need at any time. PGP key is generated automatically. To start > using it, please install the Subutai E2E extension (for *Google > Chrome*)
  8. Here also you can delete your account, if you don’t need it anymore. > Beware: this operation is permanent.