Using GoodWill

In this section, peer owners and users can learn what is GoodWill, and how to use it.

GoodWill: An Overview

What is it?

GoodWill is the exchange currency of the Subutai Peer-to-Peer platform that enables users to buy and sell compute resources from each other. GoodWill is a pure utility token with a fixed price relative to the US dollar (100 GoodWill = 1 US Dollar). Essentially, one GoodWill on the Subutai Platform represents a virtualized US penny. By using GoodWill to exchange resources participants can fluidly trade computing resources across national borders without having to rely on the exchange of cumbersome fiat currencies.

Learn more about the development of GoodWill.

Key features

  • Ethereum blockchain based ERC20 token
  • PoA blockchain - sustainable and lightweight
  • No need to hold Ether or pay Gas for transactions
  • Fixed exchange value: 100 GoodWill = 1 US Dollar
  • Users can earn, exchange and buy GoodWill
  • GoodWill can be used immediatly to hire computing resources in the Subutai Bazaar

Get started

  1. Install the latest version of the Subutai E2E Browser Plugin
  2. Create your wallet on E2E Browser Plugin and back up its credentials
  3. Associate your wallet with your account on Subutai Bazaar

Buy GoodWill

  1. Go to the GoodWill page on Subutai Bazaar
  2. Insert the amount of GoodWill you want to buy
  3. Choose your payment method
  4. Proceed to payment. Subutai will add the desired amount of GoodWill to your wallet

Transfer GoodWill to other users

  1. Open the Transfer GoodWill page on Subutai Bazaar. Alternatively, you can open the E2E plugin on your browser and click the "Transfer GoodWill button"
  2. Type the name of the user you want to transfer GoodWill to. Double check that you are selecting the proper user, as this operation is irreversible.
  3. Click "Send GoodWill". The transfer will happen immediatley.