Using the Control Center

This section provides information about the Control Center and how to use its features. It contains a reference guide that describes the features, as well as several topics with procedures and guidelines for using them.

The Subutai Control Center: An Overview

What is it?

A convenient desktop application for working with peers and environments. Designed for peer owners and administrators of environments, it provides quick access to the platform’s major features, with enhanced capabilities for desktop or shell access to a peer and its environments.

Key features

  • Easy to use and access tray application
  • Ultimate PeerOS manager
  • Access and management of cloud environments
  • Remote desktop or shell access to containers, with built-in file transfer utility
  • Subutai Bazaar integration and account monitoring, including GoodWill balance
  • Event notification for tracking changes in peer or environment status and peer operations
  • Management of software components
  • Cross-platform support: Windows, Mac, and Linux (Debian based distributions)

Get started

Start by downloading the Control Center and learning about its features and user interface. Then, you can install the software components to complete your setup and use the features.

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