Subutai’s online marketplace to buy/sell/exchange/barter devices, cloud applications, and idle computer resources.

Subutai’s power-efficient “green” broadband Cloud router and open hardware IoT gateway that serves as a plug-and-play cryptocurrency wallet and mining device.

A single, standardized format to specify general instructions for installing, updating and maintaining P2P distributed cloud applications.

Containers-as-a-Service: a cloud service model that allows users to manage and deploy containers, applications, and clusters through container-based virtualization.

A Lightweight Linux Container host within the virtual private cloud (a building block of an environment).

A desktop application to manage your GoodWill balance, environments, containers, Peers, etc.

A logically grouped set of containers distributed across one or multiple Peers that share the same network (they belong to the same p2p swarm). An Environment is owned by the user who created it, and can be distributed to multiple Resource Hosts on the same LAN in a single Peer or across multiple Peers over the WAN.

This refers to the outer periphery of the Internet away from it’s center. Residential users and devices, the things composing the IoT, reside on the edge of the Internet where usually but not always the throughput, and availability of the network suffers.

A decentralized computing infrastructure where applications, compute, data, and storage are distributed between the data source, the cloud, and IoT gateway.

A platform asset in the Subutai Bazaar used for exchanging resources and services. Learn more about GoodWill.

A fully managed Platform-as-a-Service cloud produced by Google with a well defined API which completely abstracts away infrastructure to focus only on developing applications.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service: a form of cloud computing that provides virtualized computing resources over the Internet.

An Ethereum Blockchain-based reserve currency token that is the default and ubiquitous currency across the Subutai Platform.

Linux Containers: operating system-level capabilities and isolation to run multiple Linux systems on one control host.

An n-way virtual private network that forms the networking backbone of a cloud environment

Platform-as-a-Service: a cloud computing model that abstracts away the details of infrastructure and only provides an application programing interface for developers to build applications and services over the Internet.

A single Subutai node with management services (a Management host container), and one or more local Resource Hosts that contribute resources to be offered to P2P cloud services. All the Resource Hosts of the peer must be on the same LAN.

Subutai’s Open Source, container-based P2P Cloud and IoT software and firmware.

A container running within a peer that provides management services and a graphical management console. A single Management container can control multiple Resource Hosts.

An application deployed inside the PeerOS Management host for the purpose of managing the peer’s Resource Hosts, users, environments, etc.

Servers providing premises for new containers. It is composed by the resources your computer has.

The world’s first intelligent Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Cloud Computing platform.

An image from which containers are created (cloned) allowing one to create and host Environments on one or more Peers.