Using Subutai Bazaar

Using Bazaar

In this section, peer owners and users can find out how to create a Subutai Bazaar account and use its features.

Subutai Bazaar: An Overview

What is it?

This global marketplace enables users to sell, rent, or trade compute resources and applications online. Commonly described as “the Airbnb of cloud and IoT computing resources”, Subutai Bazaar serves as a blockchain-based resource and device commodity exchange.

Key features

  • Management and listing of Subutai Blueprints and applications
  • Environment management that includes peer and template selection, container configuration, and environment telemetry, among others
  • Search and selection of peers manually or automatically through intelligent analytics
  • Access to operator management console for peers and their environments and containers
  • Management of domain name assignments
  • Setup and management of organizations for collaboration on projects and resource sharing among members
  • Subutai Control Center and E2E plugin integration

Get started

For peer users:

Create a Subutai
Bazaar Account
▶️ Select Peers ▶️ Use Blueprints or
Create Environments

For peer owners, operators, or administrators:

Create a Subutai
Bazaar Account
▶️ Install
E2E Plugin
▶️ View Your
Registered Peers

Advanced users and developers will find documentation about the Subutai Bazaar Client API here.