About this Subutai Documentation

Here you can find the instructions and guidelines on installing, running, and making the best possible use of the Subutai products and components.

Using PeerOS Using Bazaar Introducing the Blockchain Router All About Blueprints
PeerOS Bazaar Blockchain Router Blueprints
Find out more about PeerOS, the open source, container-based peer-to-peer (P2P) cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) software. Learn about the features of Bazaar, the global marketplace to buy/sell/ exchange/barter computing resources and applications online. Get to know the Blockchain Router, the broadband cloud router and open hardware IoT gateway that serves as a plug-and-play cryptocurrency wallet and mining device. Learn to use Subutai Blueprints, the enhanced templates that enable quick deployment of applications within cloud environments.
  • Using the Companion Software Aside from the products, learn about the companion software that enable easy integration, management, and access to the Subutai platform’s rich features.
E2E Plugin Management Console
Facilitates working with peers by handling PGP key generation, including PGP-based encryption and authentication. Learn more. The online application for peer administration and creation of private cloud environments, with easy integration with Bazaar to make peers available to other users. Learn more.
P2P Daemon Control Center
Program that runs in the background to handle intra-environment connectivity and communication between containers, primarily enabling peers to join the swarm. Learn more. Convenient desktop application for setting up peers, components, and environments, with seamless Bazaar and P2P Daemon integration. Learn more.
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