Access Control

What is Access Control?

Users can give control over resources to other users. Access Control gives the ability manage user groups, roles and permissions.

Create Role

Create Role

  • Name
  • Description
  • Permissions


READ_ENVIRONMENT - can see an environment, read only

EDIT_ENVIRONMENT - can change environment name, description etc,

SSH_ENVIRONMENT - can ssh into containers

CHANGE_HOSTNAME_ENVIRONMENT - can change container hostnames

STOP_CONTAINER_ENVIRONMENT - can stop containers


CHANGE_TYPE_CONTAINER_ENVIRONMENT - can change container type

ADD_CONTAINER_ENVIRONMENT - can add container to environment

DESTROY_CONTAINER_ENVIRONMENT - can delete container from environment

ADD_SSH_KEY_ENVIRONMENT - can add ssh key to environment

DELETE_SSH_KEY_ENVIRONMENT - can delete ssh key from environment

ADD_APPLICATION_ENVIRONMENT - can add application to environment

ADD_DOMAIN_ENVIRONMENT - can add domain port mapping to environment

DELETE_DOMAIN_ENVIRONMENT - can delete domain port mapping from environment

Create user group

Create Role

  • Name
  • Description
  • Members
  • Roles

User group has members and roles. Members can be selected from the user list. Users can select roles from their own roles only.

Environment sharing

Create Role