All About Blueprints

Subutai Blueprints specify general instructions for installing, updating and maintaining P2P distributed cloud applications into Subutai Environments. The Subutai P2P Cloud combines these instructions with load and resource availability information to optimally place infrastructure resources in P2P cloud environments and run distributed applications. Blueprints can be published by authors on the Subutai Bazaar. The Bazaar is a marketplace for Subutai Products and Peers.

Why use Blueprints

  • Reduce system administration overheads
  • Simplify process of distributed application deployment
  • Click-and-go simplicity: instantly build a P2P cloud environment
  • Choose from dozens of Blueprints available to Bazaar users: new additions weekly

Helping Allies Win

The platform supports Open Source Projects to gain more users that would never have used their product, and that could make all the difference for them to prosper. It brings users closer to the communities that provide FOSS products.