Using the Management Console

Find out how to use the features of the Management Console, from monitoring to maintenance of peers, environments, and containers.

The Subutai Management Console: An Overview

What is it?

The Subutai Management Console is an online application used primarily for peer operation and maintenance. Through the Console, you can also set up and manage other resources that compose your cloud environment.

Key features

With the Management Console, you can perform the following tasks online:

  • Monitor peer and container performance through various metrics
  • Register peers with Bazaar
  • Verify the current state or health of your peers
  • Create and monitor peer environments and their containers
  • Modify resource host parameters
  • Deploy applications and plugins on environments
  • Use Karaf containers

How it works

Each Subutai peer is installed automatically with the Management Software and Console, upon creation. Through the Console, you can use the online tools of the Management Software, which allow you to access peers and perform maintenance tasks on their environments and containers. Take note that for environments created by other users, like your peer renters for instance, you only have viewing access to their general data: environment and container name, resource usage, etc. In the same manner and through additional security features, you are protected from online risks and unauthorized access to your resources.