About the Subutai Platform

Subutai™ : the world’s first intelligent
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Cloud Computing platform

Subutai is

  • Intelligent: uses machine learning and predictive analytics for adaptive clouds
  • Simple: users don’t have to be IT professionals to install and use cloud applications
  • Self-managing: cloud applications manage themselves without requiring IT staff
  • Secure: detects and prevents against malware and intrusion from hackers
  • Eco-friendly: router uses 1,083% less energy over GPU-based mining devices
  • Revenue-generating: users mine tokens and sell computing resources for tokens
  • Turnkey: enter the cryptocurrency economy with a plug-n-play mining router
  • Open Source: cutting-edge technology; cost, flexibility, security, and community benefits
  • Cost-effective: broker perpetually shops around for best price per performance

To find out more, see Subutai P2P Cloud Platform.

The following topics contain quick facts and details to give you an idea of what the Subutai platform is all about: